Specific characteristics of surface heat treatment

Specific characteristics of surface heat treatment

Pipe Fitting Supplier shares surface heat treatment is specifically defined as a metal heat treatment process that changes the surface properties by heating and cooling the surface of steel pieces. Then do you know the characteristics of surface heat treatment?


The hardness of high frequency induction surface heat treatment is 2HRC~3HRC higher than that of ordinary furnace.

Fatigue strength:

Surface heat treatment can significantly improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece. For example, for the automobile half shaft made by 40MnB steel, the original process is overall conditioning, which is changed to conditioning + surface heat treatment, which improves the service life by nearly 20 times. In addition, the surface heat treatment reduces the notch sensitivity of parts. Surface heat treatment is to improve the characteristics of products, and is widely used in various industries, which are inseparable from its characteristics.


45° 3R elbow

Wear resistance:

The wear resistance and fatigue wear resistance of surface heat treatment under the condition of dry friction sliding wear are higher than those of ordinary heat treatment parts of Pipe Fitting China, which is due to the comprehensive results of fine martensite grains, high carbide dispersion and high pressure stress on the surface.

Process flow to be done in the melting and casting process of profile:

Melting casting is the first process  for  to produce the profile, which aims to provide the manufacturing conditions for its formation. The following is the melting casting process arrangement of the profile.

1. Ingredients: calculate the addition amount of various alloy components according to the specific alloy grades to be produced and reasonably match various raw materials.

2. Smelting: add the prepared raw materials to the melting furnace according to the process requirements, and effectively remove the impurities and gases in the melt by means of degassing and slag removal refining.

3. Casting: the molten metal liquid is cooled and cast into round rods of various specifications through deep well casting system under certain casting process conditions.

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